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BS10008 Guide

DataSpace UK Ltd are BS10008:2014 compliant and accredited. This means that the scanning of our clients’ files are to the best quality they can be.

The title for BS10008:2014 is ‘Electronic Information Management’ and outlines the best practice for management and storage of electronic data. The standard includes over 350 controls including data capture, and transferring electronic data between systems as well as hosting electronic data.
BS 10008

BS10008:2014 is a formal British Standard accreditation created and audited by the British Standards Institute that includes the following codes of practice:

  • BIP 0008-1:2014 Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Information Stored Electronically

  • BIP 0008-2:2014 Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Information Transferred Electronically

  • BIP 0008-3:2014 Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Linking Electronic Identity to Documents

DataSpace UK Ltd ensures compliance with BS10008:2014 with regular maintenance on scanning equipment machinery. This involves keeping a complete audit trail of the scanning procedure for each document including who the scanning operator was, which scanner was utilised to capture the physical document, and many other stages. BS10008:2014 is evidence that the standard of the scanning of your items will be to such a quality that should your documentation be required as legal evidence in a court of law, the electronic copy of that information authenticates the physical file exactly.

BS10008:2014 also acts as evidence that DataSpace UK Ltd are continually working on improving, implementing and operating electronic management systems and that we are regularly audited by British Standards to ensure we are doing all we can do to improve.

DataSpace UK Ltd accreditation of BS10008:2014 and ISO27001:2013 will provide you with a complete secure and robust electronic information capture and storage management solution.

BS10008:2014 replaces previous standards including: PD 0009:1996, PD 0009:1999, BIP 0009-1:2004, BIP 0009-2:2006 and BIP 0009-3:2006 that have been withdrawn.
Learn more about the British Standards Institute and BS10008:2014 at the BSI website
To view DataSpace UK Ltd BS10008:2014 Certificate of Registration Click Here.

Electronic access & digital retrieval

Scanned images can be provided to clients via a choice of their media device, such as disk, encrypted disk or hard drive. Alternatively this can be done via FTPS or DataSpace’s own secure online environment.

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