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Book & Paper Scanning Services

DataSpace provides flexible book scanning services and digital conversion services that are tailored to suit your exact requirements. We will discuss all of the options for the digitisation of your records and help you decide the best way for you to access and retrieve your electronic files once we have completed the digitisation process. 

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Our book scanning solutions

  • Books

  • Paper

  • Bound Contracts

  • Wills

  • Deeds

  • Instruction Manuals

  • Manuscripts

  • Journals

  • Invoices

  • Medical Records

How does book & paper scanning work?

  • ConsultationWe will talk through your options and the differing solutions for your digitisation project. We will ensure that all your requirements are detailed including your metadata and indexing needs, as well as the necessary DPI for the quality of images.

  • CollectionWe will arrange for the collection of your records through our fleet of GPS tracked vehicles. Once they arrive at our records management facility, your records will be reviewed against the agreed project specification.  This allows for any queries about the project to be raised and discussed prior to commencement

  • PreparationDepending on your specification we will prepare your records for digitising.  We understand the importance of the authenticity and integrity of your records, and apply special care and attention to the preparation process.

  • ScanningDataSpace have hi-tech Zeutchel and Scansnap Book Scanning equipment, that offer high quality non-destructive imaging of bound materials.  The scanners allow for the capture of all images to be processed in Colour, Colour on Dection, Greyscale or Monochrome depending on your project needs.

  • Indexing & Metadata – we are able to reference your electronic images to whatever your requirements might be.  During initial discussions this will be established and included in the scope of the project.

  • DeliveryElectronic images and associated data can be provided to clients in a variety of ways such as media devices, disk, encrypted disk or hard drive. Alternatively, this can be done via secure FTPS or DataSpace’s own secure online environment, FileLive.  All transfer of data will be carried out in accordance with ISO 27001 and BS 10008.

Compliance & Accreditations

DataSpace’s scanning services are completed with great care, attention and precision, and undergo multiple quality checks. Our accreditations include, 

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 27001

  • PD 5454

  • BS 10008

Why DataSpace?

DataSpace’s main objective is to provide high-quality affordable services. We do this in many ways, including ensuring our facilities are to the best standard they can be and by taking the time to really understand your scanning requirements.

  • Book scanning provides assurance against disaster and physical damage to books and documents. You are then able to preserve original, rare and valuable books and use the electronic information on a practical level.

  • Digitising books and bound materials assists with providing access to users while the original is safety stored and retained. DataSpace offer a professional book scanning service provided with a high level of security at all times.

  • We are also able to index your documents to one field or multiple fields of indexing as per your requirements.  You might require your documents to be indexed by name, number, date, address, model, title, batch, or product. All indexing can be manually completed by our scanning operators and administrators. Alternatively our IT professionals are able to assist if you have multiple fields of index data already stored in a digital format, e.g. csv or xls.

Book & paper scanning FAQ’S

  • Do you offer OCR (Optimal Scanning Recognition)?
    Yes.  Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology that enables the conversion of different types of documents, into editable and searchable data.

  • What is the difference between destructive and non-destructive book scanning?
    Destructive scanning sees the spine of the book removed, which allows each page to be scanned flat, making it look exactly as it did in the original. With non-destructive scanning, the spine is kept intact, the book is held open and scanned from above.

  • How do you scan a book without damaging it?
    Our scanning professionals are experts in handling all record types from new business records, legacy records and items of historical importance that require non-destructive book scanning.

  • Do you offer a scan on demand service?
    DataSpace provides a Scan on Demand service for all types of data including paper documentation, medical records, patient notes, wills, deeds, microfiche, microfilm, aperture cards, plans, maps and drawings.

To find out more please call us today on 0800 028 8956, email info@data-space.co.uk or fill in the form here.

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