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Quality Assurance

DataSpace are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. With our comprehensive service offering and helpful team of document and data professionals, we ensure that the requirements of our clients is always met to 100% quality within the agreed timeframes.

From origination DataSpace has been built on the sound principals of ISO 9001 and has created extensive Quality Assurance Procedures, which have been embedded within all operational methodology. This has allowed for conformance and repeatability of service and business outputs.

Directors and Managers of DataSpace believe in the concept of working together closely with our clients in pursuing continual improvements in service quality. All DataSpace employees have a positive commitment to service quality, and respond quickly and effectively to achieve the performance standards required of them to meet client’s service levels and exceed expectation.

DataSpace Quality Policy is based on four fundamental principles:-

  • The definition of quality is conforming to requirements, having specified very carefully the needs and expectations of our Clients, our Suppliers and our own processes.
  • The quality management system concentrates on prevention, looking at our service provision processes, identifying the opportunities for error and taking the necessary action to eliminate them.
  • The service quality standard is to ensure everyone understands service levels, job roles and responsibilities, and implications of actions.
  • The measurement of quality is the cost of non-conformity and the eventual benefit of getting it right.

All of DataSpace’s operational processes are internally and externally audited annually. DataSpace are audited by the British Standards Institute, a variety of Industry Regulatory Bodies, DataSpace’s Current Clients, Potential Clients as well as DataSpace’s own internal qualified ISMS and QMS Auditor.

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