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Document Management

DataSpace UK provide dedicated data and document management solutions and archive storage which includes the scanning of documents, physical and electronic storage and bespoke client hosting.

Archive Storage

DataSpace UK has a wide range of services to cater for all record and archive storage requirements from highly secure physical archive storage and document management to the latest in high volume document scanning services.

Hosting Solutions

DataSpace UK are able to commission and host client servers and applications in our own approved, secure and compliant Data Centre’s located in both the UK and The Netherlands.

Scanning Solutions

DataSpace UK bulk scan paper, microfiché and microfilm and also have specialist book scanners. We provide scans in a variety of formats and also provide access to a clients own secure online portal where documents can be digitally stored and viewed online.

24 Hour Web Access

Our unique and exclusive FileLive system allows clients to track, trace, retrieve, create and manage documentation in physical and secure electronic formats with full auditability via the secure online system.

Media Tape Storage

DataSpace have developed a range of offsite backup and media vaulting services that ensure the safe protection of a clients’ vital backup from the time they pop out of the on-site backup drive through to the time when the tape has passed its active life threshold.

Digital Pen Technology

Digital Pens are a new, fast and convenient way of performing electronic data capture in the field and instantly relaying this information to your head office allowing you to automate form-based information capture.

Brainloop Secure Dataroom

high security dataroom and document sharing

The Brainloop secure Dataroom allows users to collaborate and share sensitive data inside and outside a companies firewall. Brainloop provides users with a highly secure online work space to share all confidential documentation.

DataSpace UK Ltd are Professional Document Management providers that offer bespoke solution packages to our clients.  Our services are utilised by businesses and organisations of all sizes, within all industries.  Please see below some of our services…
  • Secure Archive and Document Storage
  • Bulk Scanning Projects
  • Legacy Data Digitisation (including microfiche/film and roll film)
  • Storage and Scan on Demand
  • Secure Data Hosting and Electronic Storage
  • Tape Storage and Rotation services
  • Online Document Management Systems
  • Data Rooms
  • Confidential Shredding Services
  • Patient Note Scanning and Management
  • 4 Hour Fire Rated Vault Storage
DataSpace’s have its own fleet of vehicles and fully employed drivers therefore we service the entire of the UK on a daily basis, so where ever you are located we can assist you with your Document Management requirements.

Liverpool  /  Manchester  /  London  /  Leeds  /  Cheltenham  /  Stoke on Trent  /  Chester  /  Oxford  /  Chesterfield  /  Sheffield  /  Birmingham  /  Bolton  /  York  /  Newcastle  /  Stafford  /  Northampton  /  Wirral