Scan on Demand

Are you considering a bulk scanning project? Is your office going paperless? Do you want to reduce your archives? Reduce or remove your physical archives from your workplace?

Hybrid Scanning Solutions

Have you considered a hybrid solution, that includes a combination of offsite physical storage with scanning your documentation on demand?

Benefits of a Scan on Demand Service

  • Scanning and hosting completed inline with BS10008:2008 Electronic Information Management
  • Digitise your documents and files as and when you need them
  • Remove the initial upfront cost/outlay associated with Bulk Scanning projects
  • Can be quicker than physical deliveries
  • Can be more cost effective than physical deliveries
  • Avoid spending money on scanning files that your company/organisation might not ever need to review
  • Build a digital library of your physical files
  • Start to reduce your physical archives after Scan on Demand
  • View digital/electronic images in a secure online environment (FileLive)
  • Quick time frames can be used in the event of an urgent and emergency retrieval
  • Can be combined with physical deliveries

What is a Hybrid Scan on Demand Solution?

We will securely store all of your archives within our professional, purpose-built document management repositories. When you require to review a file, you can then request a ‘Scan on Demand.’ Our customer service administrators will create a work order instructing our warehouse operatives of the item description, its unique identifier (your box number or reference e.g ‘Jan – Feb 2013’), the DataSpace UK Ltd barcode number, the location of the item within our facilities, and that it is required for Scan on Demand.

The file or document will then be retrieved and brought to our Scanning Suite for imaging, and the DataSpace UK Ltd barcode will be scanned from location to location to provide a full audit trail and item history. The electronic capture and indexing of your document will be completed within your agreed service level agreement and will be made available for secure viewing by authorised persons at your organisation via FileLive.

FileLive is DataSpace UK Ltd online document management system that allows our clients to remotely manage their physical and electronic documents and data.

What data can be Scanned on Demand?

DataSpace provide a Scan on Demand service for all types of data including paper documentation, medical records, patient notes, wills, deeds, microfiche, microfilm, aperture cards, plans, maps and drawings.

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Electronic Access by FileLive

DataSpace UK Ltd’s own secure online environment. To find out more about FileLive please click here.

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