How DataSpace helps protect the environment

//How DataSpace helps protect the environment

Here at DataSpace we aim to do our bit for the environment.  As offices get cluttered with paper, broken computers and space that is no longer needed, we work hard to help out.

We understand just how fragile our environment is and do what we can to protect it for our future generations.

So how do we help?

Well, our e-docs and FileLive systems mean that we reduce the need to have original files delivered back.  We scan the documents to you, thus reducing our carbon emissions that are damaging the environment.

When delivery is required, we have put measures in place to make sure that we have as little impact as possible.  Our fleet have a Euro emission engine fitted and oils are recycled as well as parts exchanged through dealer networks.

At DataSpace we also ensure that all of our surplus paper is recycled.  All of our cleaning products are Ecover which are environmentally friendly and organic.  We refrain from imposing harmful chemicals onto our environment.

Our business is based around paper so we feel responsible to give back.  We actively support the World Land Trust who have helped to protect over 300,000 acres of tropical forest and land.  Over the past 12 years they have worked worldwide including; Belize, Patagonia, Ecuador and the Philippines.

Service specified 

Many of our services also work to help you reduce the paper content you have in your office.  Also, if we can store your documents here we are helping to reduce the office space you occupy, cut your bills and reduce the impact on the environment.

We want to protect our future and we also work hard to help you protect it too.  We are constantly striving to develop new and improved ways of keeping our carbon footprint down.

If you want to find out more about how we work to protect the world we live in why not give us a call? If you would like to do the same we will happily chat you through some of the ways you can reduce the paper in your office.