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Medical Record Storage

DataSpace UK Ltd have been providing secure offsite storage facilities to NHS Trusts and private medical organisations for over 15 years. This experience has provided us with a great understanding of the complexities of Medical Record Storage. Many medical practices are growing in patient size, storing records onsite can take up valuable space that could be used for additional clinics.

DataSpace can offer you:

  1. More space within your Practice. Storing your Medical Records with us will give you more room for providing new clinics.
  2. Storage for your Medical Records at a Secure Document Management Facility that is Secure and Compliant.
  3. Digitisation of your physical notes in accordance with BS10008:2014 the standard for Legal Admissibility of electronic information

DataSpace UK Ltd manage medical data from Patient Records to X-Rays and Human Tissue Samples.  Ensure your healthcare and patient data is managed with the highest confidentiality, security and efficient access.

DataSpace provide compliant offsite Medical Record Storage Solutions for Medical Centre’s and General Practice’s nationwide.

DataSpace UK Ltd have a wide range of Lloyd George and Medical Record storage solutions.  All medical records are professionally managed to ensure there is secure access to patient information when it’s needed. DataSpace can co-ordinate multiple departments, users and sites with differing document management and retrieval requirements.

To find out more about our Medical Record Storage or Medical Record Scanning Solutions. Please call 0800 028 8956 or email