NOE CPC Confidential Record Storage and Archiving Destruction Only, Scanning and Storage of Laboratory Slides and Blocks Framework2018-11-28T16:51:13+00:00

North Of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative

Lot 1 – Storage and Archiving

Lot 4 – Storage of laboratory slides and blocks

What services are available from DataSpace (UK) Ltd on this Framework?

  • Lot 1¬†Storage and archiving and destruction of confidential records

Off site storage, retrieval, archiving and destruction of paper based confidential records, i.e patient records, legal papers, financial documents and records etc, that may be produced by an organisation.. Track and trace facilities to support the movement of records. This lot includes a level of scan on demand for urgent record retrieval.

  • Lot 4 Storage of laboratory slides and blocks

This lot covers the requirement to collect, store, retrieve and destroy laboratory blocks and slides containing human tissue samples/cells within appropriately controlled environments to protect the samples. Refrigerated storage facilities are
available also though this lot where required.

Why choose to use the NOE CPC Framework for Records Management?

DataSpace are registered on 2 Lots of this framework agreement offering services to support NHS organisations with the management of their confidential paper records and laboratory slides and blocks.

DataSpace have completed the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit and has HTA compliance is in place where required for the storage of relevant human tissue samples.

NHS North of England

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