Data & Electronic Document Storage

It is a priority of DataSpace to ensure that all data that is incorporated as part of our client services is secure, robust and auditable. To this end DataSpace have a custom built Data Centre located at the Northwich site which is accessed via biometric control, is dual power supplied, has generator back up and is environmentally controlled.


The Data Centre has been specified to incorporate a Disaster Recovery infrastructure located on the same site but in a separate building. The systems are firewall protected and operate on a secure SSL connection to allow clients online access to the FileLive operating system.

The Data Centre has been designed with the structure of the VM Ware clusters and Dell equalogic SANs on the same security parameters as police forces.

Benefits of DataSpace’s Data Centre

  • A Data Centre that incorporates automated server interchangeably in the event of a unit failure/s
  • Data back up to a remote secondary onsite Data Centre every 15 minutes
  • The remote Data Centre has a separate power supply
  • Full re-routing capability from the main Data Centre to the on-site remote Data Centre
  • The ability to transfer employees to an on-site separate scanning facility
  • Modular facilities incorporating interchange ability to enhance continuity and reduce the risk of a total loss
  • In the unlikely event of a delay in the delivery of a particular service full communications to the relevant person will take place


Our Data Centres are installed with dual power incomers which operate over separate power supplies. If one power supply is compromised the secondary back-up supply will provide continuity of power.

The Data Centres operate with twin leased lines providing a redundant supply during an outage to one connection. The dual power and leased line connectivity reduces the risk of any downtime through sufficient back-up contingencies.

UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supplies) are also used extensively throughout to ensure further protection to systems in the event of a full scale power outage.