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Cost Effective Document Scanning with DataSpace

DataSpace provides affordable and high-quality document scanning and records management services to businesses across the UK.

Document Scanning can be cost prohibitive, especially for organisations with high volumes of paper based records. That’s where DataSpace can help!

DatSpace can provide you with a document scanning solution that is cost effective.  DataSpace will securely store all your documents in a safe and compliant manner, until you need them electronically. This is what we call a ‘Scan on Demand’.  Then our FileLive portal comes into play, allowing you to view the scanned file in a secure online environment. All data and electronic documents are stored within DataSpace’s very own secure UK Data Centre’s.

DataSpace site facilities operate to the highest levels of security and are accredited to the following standards – ISO9001:2015 Quality Management, ISO/IEC27001:2013 Information Security Management, BS10008:2014 Legal Admissibility & Evidential Weight of Electronic Information, PD5454:2012, ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System.

DataSpace offer a wide range of flexible scanning solutions, that can be tailored to your exact needs.

If you’re thinking about digitising your archives, using offsite storage or if you need a regular shredding service call DataSpace on 0800 028 8956 or email us at info@data-space.co.uk, we look forward to hearing from you.