Essex County Council data blunder risks identity theft

//Essex County Council data blunder risks identity theft

Essex County Council data blunder risks identity theft

A data blunder by Essex County Council could leave many at risk of identity theft.  The council are currently investigating the data breach that came from a member of staff.

It is thought that a member of the council sent personal information regarding 400 people who are currently in care.  This data also included financial information.  The recipient of this information was unauthorised.

Since the incident the council worker was asked to resign and a full investigation is now underway.  The incident was not conducted in a malicious manner but the fallout could be huge.  In a statement issued by Essex County Council it mentioned, “We are taking this extremely seriously and have informed the police and the Information Commissioners Office.”

Over the past year the ICO have issued fines for data breaches that amount to over £1.8 million.  The fines have most certainly increased over the course of the past year.

This is not the first case of this nature.  Here at DataSpace we believe that data protection is of paramount importance.  In an age with such technological advancement to see the ICO issuing more and more fines is quite staggering.

Councillor Mike Mackrory spoke out about the issue saying, “With all the security procedures we are supposed to have now and all the millions the county council has spent on the best IT, it beggars belief that something like this can have happened.”


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