Data Protection Officer Conference next year – be there to be prepared

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A date for your diary.  5th March 2013.  That is the date for next year’s Data Protection Officer Conference in Manchester.  A fantastic conference with plenty of information, interactive sessions and learning regarding data policy and protection.

This year’s conference heard from many key speakers such as Francis Maude MP, Tim Kelsey (Cabinet Office and ICO’s David Smith.  There were sessions on cloud computing, data sharing and a key hot topic, reporting breaches.

Next year’s conference will be no exception and will be an opportunity to learn, ask questions and find out how laws and regulations affect your business.

Here at DataSpace we are firm advocates for data protection.  It is mind-boggling to think of all the areas in our daily lives and work where data takes precedent.  Consider the main areas such as hospitals, schools, archives, city councils and polices stations.  But there are also a thousand and one other areas where data infiltrates.

Whether you work in an office or run your own business you will be accessing data on a daily basis.  From client financial records to email addresses and staff data records.  All of this data is private, confidential and needs to be protected.

The ICO run conferences to enable people to have a better understanding of how to protect their data and what to do in the instance of a breach.

This is an area we put a lot of emphasis on as we believe it is vital to protect data and to make sure that, should their be a breach, you know what to do.  Here at DataSpace we offer data services such as archive storage and back-up systems to help you manage your data more effectively.

But one thing we firmly recommend is the ICO Data Protection Officer Conference.  So, put the data in your diary, 5th March 2013.  We will see you there.