Data breach is a serious business

Channel 4’s Dispatches programme has recently brought to light the figures for data breaches by civil servants.  A year long investigation has led to almost 1,000 Department of Work staff being disciplined.  This was down to unlawful or inappropriate access of social records.

The laws are very strict on this and there really are no exceptions when it comes to accessing confidential data.  Over the course of the past year there have been around 13 cases per month of unlawful access to records at the Department of Health, also.

These are serious offences that go against the Data Protection Act.  The number of cases have risen over the past few years, with 2007 only seeing 28 reported cases at the Department of Health.  Last year saw 158.

The laws are there to protect human rights.  A spokesperson for the Equality and Human Rights Commission has said, “We are very worried about the ease with which private data can be obtained by murky means.

“We want to work with the government to make personal information better protected by the law.  Legislation needs to be streamlined so that it is easier for organisations to understand their responsibilities and simpler for citizens to know and use their rights”

When it comes to the data that your business holds, do you know your rights and responsibilities? Do you know who has access to this data? And do the right people have access to it?  When it comes to destroying confidential data are you 100% positive it has been done so and correctly?

If any of these questions have left you feeling slightly concerned, then contact us today.  We understand how to protect data and how to destroy confidential documentation in agreement with the law.

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