Why confidential destruction is important

//Why confidential destruction is important

Advances in information technology makes several things easy for us today – many of us couldn’t live without our smartphones or laptops.

At the same time it poses many problems for us too. Identity theft is an increasing problem faced by everyone. From individuals to large corporations, security of information is important – from the initial production of it through to destruction.  Companies are legally obliged to carry out periodic confidential destruction of data, whatever format it may be.

Although we live in a digital age, printing of documents is still common practice.  These printed documents and original electronic files may contain pertinent information putting the company, client and customers at risk of this information being in the wrong hands. Protecting confidential information through to final destruction, is a priority for all companies regardless of their size, trade or location.

Privacy legislation applies to all organisations, private and public. These laws are becoming more rigorous and enforced; therefore, non-compliance may result in severe and costly penalties.  Privacy legislation covers the production through to destruction of confidential information, so that it cannot be recreated.

Preventing identity theft
Paper and electronic data are sources fraudsters use to obtain personal information. Although privacy policies and legislation are designed to protect organisations, prevention is best practice for individuals and companies.  Identity theft can affect your business from your ability to obtain credit through to your business reputation.  In 2010 there were over 100,000 cases of identity fraud in the UK.

Safe, secure and complete confidential destruction services
DataSpace are dedicated records managers, from control of your current and live data through, archives through to legal retention and final  confidential destruction.

Final destruction includes

Confidential destruction

Confidential destruction

  • Paperwork / documentation
  • Audio / VHS tapes
  • CD / DVD media
  • Computer hard disks
  • Staff uniforms
  • X-Rays
  • Products and samples

Protect your business reputation, staff and customers
Ensure you meet compliance obligations and high levels of commercial and personal data protection are maintained. DataSpace can take the responsibility to erase or wipe PC memory, dispose of hardware in compliance with the latest WEE directive.  Learn more about our confidential destruction service here or call DataSpace on 0800 028 8956.