What are the benefits of Archive Storage?

//What are the benefits of Archive Storage?

Why should you choose DataSpace as your Document Management Service provider?

Well, we can think of  a million reasons why you should choose us but DataSpace’s main objective is to save you money!  We do this in many ways including ensuring our facilities are to the best standard they can be and by taking the time to really understand your businesses Document Management requirements.    If you would like to hear more about our services and facilities please do not hesitate to give us as call and we would be more than happy to go into further details about our services and how they can benefit you!

1. Time

DataSpace saves your employees time!  Are your qualified and trained members of staff currently wasting their valuable time filing, scanning or shredding your offices documents?  These daily tasks that are consuming your staff’s time can easily be eliminated.  DataSpace is here to help; we have the professional equipment and trained staff to securely store your physical records, scan and host your paperwork online and to confidentially destroy your records that are no longer required to standards that are required by the Data Protection Act 1998.

2. Office Space

DataSpace allows you to reclaim your work space and use it to its full potential.  Maybe this space would enable you to hire another member of staff, explore different income streams or provide a larger variety of products that you can’t at the moment due to limited space.  Alternatively you could down size your office which in turn would lower your expenditure on rent which can be a large expense that isn’t required.

3. Security

DataSpace’s purpose built facilities are BS:5454 accredited and are registered with the Information Commissioners Office, HTA, PCI DSS and the NHS Information Governance Toolkit. All of DataSpace employees are CRB cleared and wear branded uniforms.  Additionally all of DataSpace vehicles are tracked with GPS, so from the collection of your items at your premises right through until they are Data Protectionreturned to you or confidentially destroyed they are in the safest of hands.

4. Auditability

With DataSpace you can track all of your items on site and off site 24/7/365 as DataSpace use an advanced barcode tracking system, that can instantly check the status of an item registered within the tracking system and searches for access or retrieval can be performed within seconds.  DataSpace’s unique online web portal FileLive allows users to view scanned copies of files and request physical retrieval of files, Scan on Demand Services, Collections and Secure Destruction.  FileLive also allows management users to view reports and management information to view their off site storage activity from all of their users on their account.  FileLive is BS:27001 accredited which is the British Standard for Information Security Management Systems and can be locked to certain IP addresses so can only be accessed from your office or any specified IP addresses chosen by you.

5. Our Friendly Staff

Upon your initial enquiry DataSpace will assign you with a designated Account Manager who will work with you to find the best solutions to meet your requirements and will assist you to develop project plans.  Your Account Manager will be in touch regularly to check that all is as it should be with your account and to see if you require any other assistance.  DataSpace representatives are always at hand to help with any questions you might have and if you require us to visit you to advise which of our services suit your needs the best we would be more than happy to do so. For more information please call 0800 028 8956 or email info@data-space.co.uk.

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