We can help you achieve a Paperless Practice!

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Tonight the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt will unveil plans to achieve a Paperless NHS’ by 2018.  Converting all physical medical records to electronic copies could be a long laborious task however the rewards that will be reaped will be worth the transfer; and with a little help from us does not have to be a lengthy time consuming task.  We can assist you with this transition with our scanning services, so your focus can remain on the day to day running of your practice.  This leap into modernity is essential and as Hunt has expressed it will not only be hugely cost effective but the availability of patient records at the click of a button could save countless lives.  This development would allow healthcare professionals in various roles and locations to provide a higher quality of care for their patients by being able to freely track patient’s other illnesses and previous treatments.  Hunt expresses how this progression is vital to improve patient care, The vision I’m thinking of is an ambulance driver answering a 999 call should be able to look up a patient’s medical record on their way to their home, so they’ll find out the person they are going to see is a diabetic who had two falls last year, who has a heart condition.’

Storing your medical records, patient case notes, Lloyd George notes and other documents at our offsite facility would bring your practice to the forefront of improvement initiatives.  Other advantages of DataSpace UK‘s services can give your Medical Practice, Trust or office the opportunity to utilise space currently being wasted due to storing vast quantities of patient records.  Other services such as our easy to use secure FileLive system will enable your staff to have more face time with patients allowing their time to be used more effectively rather than scouring your archives for documents as well as having the ability to utilise the space to better use. We will produce a tailor made package of our services to suit your requirements and budget.  So there is no need to be concerned about immediately having all of your records scanned as we offer a scan on demand service so you can have all of your files securely stored offsite giving you more space, allowing you to manage your budget constraints and the freedom to request files to be scanned as and when you require them.

DataSpace UK have provided secure storage for numerous Trusts and Medical companies for over 12 years at our secure document storage facility, which have resulted in huge cost and time saving initiatives as well as the knowledge that their documents are within a safe and secure environment. Therefore, with the ambitious proposed improvements to NHS data; now is the time to enquire into our document management services.  Our secure site has CCTV surveillance as is BS:5454 accredited, that we are in line with CQC requirements and that our images are hosted within a robust BS:27001 web based application.

For more information please contact us on 0800 0288956 or email us on info@data-space.co.uk