We can digitise your files as & when you need them!

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Many companies in this day and age are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  The “rock” being the mounds of existing paperwork and archives they must retain and the “hard place’ being a lack of storage space and the necessity to have electronic copies!  But don’t worry here at DataSpace we have the solution and it will save your business time and money as well as helping you modernise and create effiencies with your work space.

In addition to secure storage facilities, scanning services and confidential destruction services, DataSpace provide a secure online portal called FileLiveFileLive enables you to maintain complete control over your documents even though they are managed offsite with us .  FileLive is a completely secure web based application that allows clients to order physical documents to be returned to them; request documents to be accessible to be viewed on FileLive as well as allowing the user to track the location of their documents offsite at our purpose built secure facilities.

FileLive also enables clients to limit usage of the portal to specific IP addresses and restrict their own users to only see certain information within their account for example Accountancy staff could be restricted from seeing HR documents.  FileLive is very user friendly and adaptable with 9 fields that can be used for the clients own reference and to insert additional notes.  Users also have the ability to produce activity reports to trace the movements and requests that have occurred within their account.  Utilising this feature allows you to manage your cost and follow information governance.

So don’t be stuck between a rock and a hard place, store your files with DataSpace and utilise FileLive and our Scan on Demand service to digitise your files as and when you require them.