Which NHS bodies can now be compulsory audited by the ICO?

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Data Protection legislation has changed from the 1st February 2015 for organisations within the NHS.  Under this change in the law the ICO now have the right to force NHS authorities to be audited for compliance with the Data Protection Act.  Prior to this change the ICO only had the right to compulsory audit central government departments.

Which NHS bodies can now be compulsory audited by the ICO?Medical Lady

  • NHS Foundation Trusts
  • NHS Trusts
  • GP Surgeries and Medical Centres
  • Community Healthcare Councils

What exactly will the ICO audit within the NHS?

  • Handling of patients’ personal information
  • Security of data
  • Records Management
  • Staff Training
  • Data Sharing

However this new legislation will not apply to private companies providing services within public healthcare.

The Information Commissioner – Christopher Graham commented;

‘The Health Service holds some of the most sensitive personal information available, but instead of leading the way in how it looks after that information, the NHS is one of the worst performers.  This is a major concern.’

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