To digitise in bulk or to digitise on demand?

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DataSpace have the solution to your scanning needs!

Here at DataSpace we know that we are in a world that is forever digitalising, and although working within paperless offices and systems is highly efficient, on occasion paper is still necessary.  Sometimes nothing beats a scrap of paper to jot down a note on, and many contracts are still paper copy’s with signatures in ink!  DataSpace are able to offer solutions for your bits and bobs of paper for storing and scanning them so you can upkeep your paperless systems.

We offer a wide range of scanning solutions to meet your requirements and budget.  From bulk scanning, where we scan all of your files at once to our equally efficient Scan on Demand service for if you prefer to have a scanned copy of a file as and when you need it.  Also using our Scan on Demand service you won’t be spending money for documents to be scanned that you might never need to view again.

DataSpace understand that every company runs differently and under the Data Protection Act you might legally have to securely retain the original documents however you might never require them again so our scan on demand might be a better option for you.

Our scanning services are to an exceptionally high quality and are 100% quality checked.  We use Cannon and Kodak scanners that are able to scan a variety of different sized documents.  So whether your files are wills and deeds, patient case notes, maps or receipts we are able to scan them.  Concerned about compliancy?  There is no need as DataSpace are BS5454, BS27001 accredited and in line with the NHS Information Governance Tool Kit, PCI DSS and CQC regulations and BSI DISC Code of practice for Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically (BS:10008).

So if you are looking to have your items scanned call DataSpace on 0800 028 8956 or email us to discuss our services and low cost solutions.