Take action against the bad weather

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Take action against the bad weather

The weather in the UK is most certainly temperamental. It could be warm sunshine one minute, and the next we are soaked in heavy rain.  It can be hard to account for all weather eventualities, especially if you live in a high flood-risk area.

The last week or so has seen some rather devastating effects from flooding.  This is sadly not an uncommon occurrence in the UK and can have dramatic effects on your business.  If you currently store documents and files in your office, and fear it could be at risk of flooding, then now is the time to do something.

A few months back saw Chester Town Hall’s archives severely damaged after flash floods.  Many archives as far back as the 17th century were damaged after flooding in the basement of the town hall.  This meant emergency action had to be taken.

But you don’t need to take emergency action if you act now.  These flash floods could strike at any moment leaving you unable to save your documents.  But there are things you can put in place:

–  Don’t store documents in the basement. Keep them on higher ground

–  Do scan your documents so you have a digital copy you can keep online

–  Don’t store your original documents and your digital copies in the same place

–  Do use an archive management company to take care of your documents

–  Don’t keep your documents in cardboard boxes


Here at DataSpace we not only have digital scanning facilities to keep copies of your files but we also have archive data storage facilities to keep your documents safe.  These are all located off-site and have fire, theft and 24/7 CCTV.  They are also placed in a carefully selected location that is not at risk of flooding.

If you value the information you keep, whether at home or at work, make sure you speak to us.  We have a variety of different ways to help keep your valuable information safe, and of course, dry!