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Here at DataSpace UK we have a number of specialist scanning options to free up floor or filing space and to make older documents, whatever their format, available on line.  DataSpace UK have three particular options for specialist scanning: paper scanning, book scanning and Microfiche or Microfilm scanning.

Paper scanning
With our high end equipment we are able to scan thousands of pages of paper documents per hour.  Paper documents can be scanned into various applications either CD, DVD, port able hard drive or accessed online via FileLive.

Clients who don’t want the expense of scanning all their documents can store hard copies and scan documents as required which can be accessed in one of the formats.

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Book scanning
In some cases paper documents like wills and deeds are bound into books.  DataSpace UK have invested in equipment that will scan this type of documentation in a variety of formats: colour or black and white digital scans, into tiff or jpeg images and PDF.

These documents can be uploaded on to portable media and then to the client’s digital environment or can be accessed online via FileLive.

Microfiche and Microfilm scanning
Companies may have archived microfiche or film ‘documentation’ or database information which can be costly to access.  Within our specialist scanning services we can scan these formats either in bulk or individually as you need them.  We can host the physical library or archive at a secure digital library.

DataSpace UK staff are all CRB accredited so can handle even your most secure documents and our storage facilities are all BS27001 compliant.  Please give us a call on 0800 028 8956 if you have documents you would like to archive either as hard copies or in a scanned and digital format.

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