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In the evolving world of work in 2020, access to your business information is as critical as ever.

Secure access might be currently more challenging than usual, and safe transfer of physical documents from person to person might be even more difficult due to the current circumstances.  But all is not lost.  DataSpace offer a wide range of professional records management services including scanning solutions that can help you overcome these potential issues facing your operations.

DataSpace have a wealth of experience and have worked with organisations across all industries and sectors.  Some record types we are currently digitising for our clients include medical records, legal case files, pharmaceutical trial logs, financial records, local authority records of a sensitive and confidential nature, insurance policies, football programmes, architectural drawings and HR files.

DataSpace’s scanning solutions have been audited by the British Standards Institute for a standard called BS10008 Electronic Information Management.  This standard provides credibility for the authenticity and integrity of your records.  DataSpace scanning operatives will ensure the electronic copy is a true representation of the original.  This level of scanning capture outputs electronic records that are legally admissible in a court of law if needed.  The process in which records are imaged is an in depth professional operation.  With information logged during the scanning procedure such as scanning machine used, scanning operative, time and date of scan, and any notes and comments required to describe the record.  Therefore, if the electronic record was ever to be challenged, the log would be available to refer back to.

To accompany our scanning services we offer our clients a unique platform called FileLive. FileLive is a secure web based records management portal which allows users to access, edit and add records and information to their account.  All data is hosted to British Standards BS10008 Electronic Information Management and ISO27001 Information Security Management.  Many of our clients have found FileLive to be a lifeline during the global pandemic. Utilising the FileLive system has enabled their employees to continue working with their records even when working remotely or working from home.

To discuss any scanning requirements you might have please call us on 0800 028 8956 or email info@data-space.co.uk