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Scanning Solutions Cheshire

Here at DataSpace we have a wide range of document scanning solutions and our aim is to make life easier for you.  In a fast-paced, digital world it is vital that our technology is in place to make things simpler. That’s where DataSpace Scanning Solutions can help your data fit into this new digital world.

If you are running a business you will no doubt have all kinds of different data.  Ranging from client records, patient files, and customer accounts and staff records, not forgetting your own personal financial data. In today’s World it is key that your data is stored safely.

It is also important that you have access to scanning solutions options.  Scanning data means that you can retain a digital copy so you have both a hard and soft copy of your data.  We have invested heavily in technology so not only can we scan A4 data but also multi sizes, right up to A0.

Our scanning services mean that we can scan large and small quantities our Scanning Solutions include

  • Scanning of varied size documents from A10 to A0 scanning
  • Compliant and Secure Scanning environment
  • Black and White or Full Colour scanning
  • Scanned images can be saved as PDF JPEG or TIFF formats
  • Scanning of books or bound documentation
  • Scanning of Microfiche scanning, Microfilm scanning and Roll Film scanning
  • Scanning of CTG and ECG tracings

Storage solutions 

As well as being able to scan your documents we can also store these to external media.  This is then hosted on our secure web portal – FileLive, and placed on an FTP so you can download it to your own internal systems.


We comply with all the necessary data regulations including the BSI DISC Code of practice for Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically (BIP 10008:2014).  Alongside this we also ensure that your online documents are held within DataSpace’s own certified Data Centre.

Scanning data in this way gives you peace of mind as well as the ability to access information whenever and wherever.


If you would like any more information on how our scanning documents services, archive scanning services, bulk scanning service, commercial scanning services, digital scanning service or our medical records scanning can help your business, simply call us on 0800 028 8956.  You can also send us questions via our Facebook and Twitter pages.