Safe and secure even in a fire

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Are your archived documents safe from fire hazards?  What would happen if all your archived data was lost in a fire?
We know that lost data for any reason is a complete business headache – a migraine in fact!  We store documents for years because of a legal obligation or because we might need that information one day.  Or so we think, most of the time the data sits in our chosen spot be it archived actual documents or on a digital system and we never refer to it again.
But when and if you do need to access your archived data, you need to know exactly where to find it and access it quickly.  Life’s like that now, everything needs to be instant.
At DataSpace UK we have safe and secure purpose built storage for archived documentation and of course a number of digital systems we can put in place for you.
Services for archived documents
Specialist fire bunkers
Physical storage of your archived data is all bar-coded for easy tracing and access.  We also have specialist 4 hour rated fire vault storage.  This means your documents are completely safe for at least four hours if there is a fire.  Time enough to get the fire under control.
Our fire vault units are tough; they are built to be strong both inside and out and are treated with special fire safe products so they are completely safe for anything stored within.
Each vault can contain 400 storage cartons; you can have the use of a whole vault or you can share one to ensure that you documentation is safe and sound even in the case of fire.
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