Information regarding patients generally comes under the legal and ethical obligations and confidentiality.  All medical data has to be protected and managed with the highest security measures.  Management of patient data is crucial as the Data Protection Act 1998 gives patients the right of access to information about themselves.

Protecting patient data

Protecting patient data

DataSpace have a range of highly secure document and record storage.  All documents and records are professionally managed to ensure you have secure access to patient information when you need it.

Document storage for patient data

  • Secure, purpose built facilities
  • Fully compliant with BS5454 regulations
  • 24 hour / 365 day web based CCTV
  • Fire and theft security monitoring
  • Dedicated DataSpace service vehicles
  • Professionally managed records
  • Rapid document access

DataSpace manage medical data from patient records to X-Rays.  Ensure your healthcare and patient data is managed with the highest confidentiality, security and efficient access.

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