Protecting confidential documents

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DataSpace UK are aware that identity fraud is costing the UK £1.7billion every year according to the Home Office.  That’s approximately £50 per head of the entire population.  And this figure is growing.

Roughly 56 million people in the UK commit their personal information to paper several times a year – ordering goods, applying for credit or jobs, getting medical attention and insuring their assets.

It’s not dissimilar for business.  At the beginning of the year the Information Commissioner’s Office fined Ealing Council and Hounslow Council – £80,000 and £70,000 respectively – for the accidental loss of two unencrypted laptops containing personal details of 1,700 individuals.

DataSpace UK wonders if you hold information about people in your company or clients that is confidential and needs to be protected?  We bet you do!

We can help by explaining our EDRM system which holds all your digital information in a secure format.  Not only does it improve workflow and retention but most importantly it is the security it offers you for your documents.

EDRM or Electronic Document Management Systems to give it its full name, offers security using Thereforeâ„¢ by controlling access to documents.  Access is assigned to one or a group of users and allows the administrator to change these options as necessary.

This system using Thereforeâ„¢ allows the storage of all documents related to a project i.e. hard copies, electronic documents and relative emails to be saved and archived in a structured format that can be accessed by designated people.

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