Pharmaceutical Document Storage Facilities

//Pharmaceutical Document Storage Facilities

We are proud to provide our high quality compliant document storage facilities to companies working with and within the Pharmaceutical Industry.  The quantity of paperwork produced within the development and production of medicines and medical products is enormous, and the vast majority of these documents will require retaining.  With regulatory bodies such as the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) carrying out audits and investigations on products prior and post their availability in the market, pharmaceutical record management is of utmost importance!  It can be easy for the storage and management of your documents to become a difficult task to combat, but DataSpace UK can help by managing your documents in a more time and cost effective way.

With our online unique secure web based management system FileLive’ you will have a full audit trail of the movements your documents make, so it’ll be like your archives have never left your site.  We also provide Scan on Demand services, so if you want to view a document but don’t require the hardcopy file returned to your location you can request it to be scanned and uploaded for your viewing on Filelive.  

We understand the important factors and complexities of pharmaceutical archive management and that is why we are fully compliant with BS5454 and BS27001 regulations.  Our purpose built storage facilities have the latest security features including: fire and theft security monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and web based CCTV surveillance.  We also offer Confidential Destruction Services so when your files are no longer required we can destroy them in a secure, confidential and environmentally friendly manner.

From your clinical trial notes, pre-submission procedural forms to Follow up Measure documents, DataSpace UK will make sure all of your files are being stored securely and managed in the right way for you, allowing you to be confident that your archives are in safe hands for your future reference.