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Are you looking for an Offsite Storage Facility?

Document Management isn’t just about being tidy and well organised. Proper storage of important documents will make it easier for you to meet your legal obligations, manage your cash flow and reduce stress.

Archive Storage Box

Have you considered storage environment you’re using for your paperwork?

Are your documents stored safely? Storage areas such as your garage, basement or a self-store facility, could be putting your documents at risk from elements such as damp, flooding and pests?

Damage to your documents could mean trouble tracing orders, filing tax returns and could delay insurance claims. These problems themselves are not too troublesome but start combining them and you could potentially lose business.

DataSpace are a professional document management company. We provide competitively priced, secure and efficient archive storage solutions for your archived and live documentation.

We offer a combination of Box and File Level Storage across your account. This will help where different departments have differing archival and document management needs.

Compliant Document Storage providers are easy to identify. Check accreditations of relevant British Standards such as ISO27001, BS10008 and registration with the ICO.

To find out more about our Offsite Storage, please call 0800 028 8956 or email info@data-space.co.uk