Managing all your internal documents online

//Managing all your internal documents online

Here at Data Space we pride ourselves on knowing all there is to know about document management.  We can thoroughly recommend electronic or digital systems to manage the control and flow of your systems.

Without a system which everyone is linked to, it leaves loopholes for inconsistencies in document management especially in large organisations where everyone has a tendency to do their own thing!

With an understanding of these problems and the need to streamline document management, Data Space offers an easy solution: Therefore â„¢ ERDM system.  This is software by Canon UK which Data Space can supply and install.

How will it help?
Essentially it is going to save you time and money!  Both via streamlining and less printing.�
The soft ware is available in three editions – Personal, Workgroup and Business to suit all sizes of companies.

The various functions all make the streamlining and therefore the cost savings possible.  Data Space has made an easy guide of the reasons why this system will help on their website.  Here they are in brief:
• Enables you to search, retrieve, group and sort documents as well as tracking and managing workflow processes
• Allows you to view, annotate and change a document; can be used to scan documents to add to system
• Thereforeâ„¢ also allows you to search the web for access to documents stored in the system
• It improves workflow by allowing you to track any document to see exactly where it is; particularly useful for a document several people are working on
• It maintains document retention to ensure you meet legal compliance and ensuring documents aren’t destroyed by mistake
• Access is controlled as there are three levels of security
• Every stored document has a digital signature for security purposes which has to be verified on retrieval
• Emails, hard copies, electronic documents belonging to one project can be stored together in a structured system
• Thereforeâ„¢ can be integrated with FileLive for online access

If this sounds like the system you need to manage your documents, please get in contact with us either by email or telephone.  Data Space will be happy to discuss if this is the best system for you and which level would work best for you.

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