How vulnerable is your data?

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Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of storage mediums is key to knowing whether your data is open to vulnerable attack.

Here at DataSpace, we have created a quick guide to help you make an informed choice of the most common data storage devices.

DataSpace - Securing your companys data

DataSpace - Securing your companys data

USB storage devices
Also known as flash drives, dongles and memory sticks. Some of these are encrypted, providing a false sense of security.  USB storage devices are portable and useful to users who switch between systems, home and work. Manufacturers claim that encryption helps protect the USB storage device from virus invasions. However, this USB storage device medium is still vulnerable to other dangers, from hackers cracking the codes with simple software systems, to data loss from logical crashes and physical loss.

Internal and external hard drives
As these are usually connected to the internet of local networks, the data stored on these drives are susceptible to system crashes and viruses.

Media tapes
The management of media data storage tapes is a complex task, requiring expert maintenance for backing up and retrieving data, with the right software and hardware.  DataSpace media managers have the knowledge and experience to guide clients through effective backup, retrieval and recovery of data.

Compact disks
CDs and DVDs are still a common data storage medium used business, education and common users of PCs. Similar to USB drives, they are highly portable, and are great for music and non-important data. However, they are also vulnerable to theft without the ability to be encrypted at all, therefore an easy way to extract any data on the disk.

Online storage
The advanced technology involved in online storage is one of the safest alternatives to traditional data storage methods. DataSpace has seen a high number of businesses switching to online data storage for the added security. Security of Customer records, account information, sales information is of the highest importance for flourishing businesses.  Online data storage solutions use multiple layers of physical and logical security methods, along with encrypted replicas of your data, making critical business data safe from intrusion, viruses and loss.

Whether you are a SME or large corporate entity, DataSpace has the expertise, capacity and resources to ensure your company data is protected to the highest levels. We also ensure you can access and manage your data, easily and securely.

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