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DataSpace UK provide secure offsite storage facilities to GP’s,  NHS Trusts and private medical organisations. We can co-ordinate multiple departments, users and sites with differing document management and retrieval requirements. Working with our clients we develop our services to meet their exact needs. We are always looking at different ways you store data and how we can make life easier.

Making life easier for you involves protecting the data you have.   As all GP’s will know, the Lloyd George envelopes have, their fair share of problems.

GP Lloyd George Notes

GP Problem

As a doctor trying to store and read through their patients notes it can take up a lot of time and be very costly indeed.

Consider the requirements for GP notes today.  With so many concerns over litigation doctors are writing lengthier notes which require more space.  There is also the issue of fire and theft.  Any damage within a doctor’s surgery could mean that notes are gone forever.

DataSpace Solution

This is where DataSpace come in.  Our Storage and Scan solution means that you don’t need to worry about storage space, data protection, theft or loss.  This service involves us both physically storing your Lloyd George notes, as well as scanning them electronically.  Meaning the original notes are safe and sound within our 24/7 protected off-site archive facility. As well as an electronic copy is hosted and stored for your accessibility.

This storage and hosting are in keeping with the BS5454 for physical storage and BS:27001 for the electronic hosting and scanning. All within our purpose-built UK Data Centre.

To find out more about our Storage and Scan solution for Lloyd George envelopes, contact us today on 0800 028 8956.