Good to be Green with DataSpace UK

Whilst we harp on about helping you become greener by going digital and ditching the paper, we aren’t resting on our laurels.  At DataSpace UK we have our ‘green’ policy in place and try to be as environmentally pc as possible everyday.

Green services supplierIt’s our way of not just acknowledging but also trying to protect our world for future generations.  So if your green policy expects you to use green service suppliers, look no further.

What DataSpace UK do

  • We only use the quantities of material that are needed for the job 
  • All waste that is produced is sorted into like for like and recycled
  • We coordinate our route plans for deliveries and pick-ups so that we save on both fuel and emissions
  • Annually we assess our green performance to see how well we have done and where improvements could be made
  • Of course we keep ourselves up to date with any related legislation to ensure that we remain compliant
  • Our regular team meetings ensure that all of our staff are aware of our green principals and are putting them into practice
  • We have a continuous improvement scheme in operation (quality seal)
  • We only source environmentally friendly materials and products i.e. cleaning materials from Ecover, recyclable paper and card
  • We actively support the World Land Trust who have helped protect 300,000 acres of rainforests over the last 12 years and have set up a number of pioneering projects in countries where forests or land were under threat

How our systems help us and could help you

  • By introducing a number of digital operations to help you store your files i.e. e-docs, FileLive, EDRM, we automatically reduce our carbon emissions by no longer needing to deliver files back to you
  • We reduce your necessity for printing paper with our technologies i.e. scanners that can electronically capture your signature plus the use of our EDRM system
  • We are constantly looking at ways to improve our services to you whilst remaining constantly aware of our need to be green

Our services will help you be greener too.  Talk to us about how we can help your organisation go paperless.  Call us on 0800 028 8956.

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