Find out here why Fred is feeling frantic!

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Fred runs a medium sized business that produces and processes a lot of physical files containing personal details.  Fred is organised and ensures he has a retention schedule to manage his items and to make sure he is not keeping records longer than they are required.

However, Fred is not coping with keeping on top of his shredding.  He has even bought a brand new shredder for the office but everything is mounting up.  Fred does not have the time to waste securely destroying all of his items himself, BUT he knows the job needs to be completed securely and properly….

That’s why he called his friendly neighbourhood Spiderman… no that’s not right…ummm Superman…. no, no, no….who you going to call Ghost Busters? NO!!!

He called DataSpace of course on 0800 028 8956!  DataSpace are the Document Management Professionals based in the North West that are compliant with BS14001:2004 the British Standard for Environmental Management Systems and BS EN 1573:2009 which is the British Standard for the Destruction of Confidential Material.  We carry out Secure Destruction on our very own secure purpose built site that is BS:5454 accredited and by our own members of staff who are directly employed and CRB checked.

To find out more information about our services or for a Confidential Destruction quote call us on 0800 028 8956 or email