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Planning to go paperless and looking for a foolproof system to manage all documentation digitally throughout your company?  DataSpace UK is pleased to say that your search for a solution is over.  We operate an online system called FileLive which should give you all you need.

What is FileLive?
FileLive is a complete online document storage system which is easy to manage and keeps you completely up-to-date with how it is being used.  It allows a number of users to access the documentation but only with permissions set up by your document manager.

Document management

You have complete control of your archived files which are bar-coded and easily trackable.  If you have the permissions in place you can add files to your boxes or files online or delete files.  You can request physical delivery of files or to view documents online; if they haven’t been previously scanned then you get that option at this point too.

All hosted scanned images by the way are stored securely in a BIP 008 compliant image library.

Easy reporting
Your document manger can keep a check on all the documentation because using FileLive makes it easy to report what has happened over the last week/month or longer periods.  They can produce reports to stock take or just check activity i.e. number of boxes stored, volume of scans performed, volume of hosted data and so on.

This will make verifying invoices and end of year stock checks as easy as A, B, C.

DataSpace UK will allocate an account manager to your FileLive account so that you are dealing with one person for smooth communications.

We are able to transfer all your documentation to the online FileLive system; we can bulk scan any documentation or just scan-as-required.

If this online document management system would make the management of your documents simple, why not give us a ring to learn more about FileLive, we’ll be happy to help. Please call us on 0800 028 8956.

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