During these challenging times businesses and organisations of all sizes and sectors have adjusted their operations and procedures to protect the health of their clients and staff from the Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19.

Changes might have included the introduction of different working hours for employees, reduced staff with the necessity to utilise the furlough scheme or potentially having employees work from home (WFH).

At DataSpace we have continued to support all of our clients in their operations and have enabled our clients to overcome some of the challenges that have been encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ways DataSpace have, and continue to support our clients;

DataSpace have a unique platform called ‘FileLive’.   FileLive is a secure web-based site that allows our clients to remotely manage their physical records, electronic data and images.  The system operates via a 256 bit SSL connection providing you with peace of mind that the integrity of all information is safe.  Furthermore, our FileLive system and all our data centres are inspected, audited and tested regularly to ensure all data is stored and processed in a robust impenetrable secure environment.  All data processed and stored by DataSpace is kept in our UK data centres that are entirely owned and managed by DataSpace.

FileLive Electronic Document Management
Scan on Demand
Hybrid Scan on Demand

DataSpace offer a wide selection of scanning services including large bulk scanning projects, specialised large format scanning for example maps and drawings as well as bound material scanning such as books, wills and deeds.  Clients who store their records and files with us in our professional archive repositories, are able to offer a service called scan on demand.  Rather than have a file or archive box returned by one of our logistics operatives they’re able to request for the file to be scanned and made available via our FileLive system.  DataSpace’s scanning services are BS10008 certified which is the British Standards Institute Accreditation for electronic information management.  This means our scanning services provide electronic images replicating the physical records to such a high quality that the digital copy can be held legally admissible.

We have had many clients new and old contacting us due to rearranging office space to ensure their workplace is ‘COVID secure’.  With workplace assessments and additional space required to distance work stations, sending archives and semi-current records offsite enables generation of space and more effective use of office space. For more information on creating a ‘COVID secure’ workplace please click here to be directed to HSE’s website.  Sending semi-active records offsite might seem new to your business activities.  However with DataSpace’s records management services we are able to provide services for all records no matter their position in their records lifecycle.  Scan on Demand services combined with our variety of features in our FileLive system can offer space efficiencies as well as time savings and compliance with full version control, and secure restricted access.

Archive Storage
Archive Storage
Get in Touch
Quality Assurance

DataSpace’s team are able to assist with reviewing your current records management processes and procedures and offer a report on any opportunities for improvements and provide recommendations to introduce space, time and cost savings as well as strengthen quality processes and compliance for information security and data protection.

To discuss your current records management activities and to find out how DataSpace can assist you with any service requirements please call us on 0800 028 8956 or email us info@data-space.co.uk.  We look forward to discussing your service needs.