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Make Destruction easy, use DataSpace Shredding Bags

DataSpace supply Shredding Bags; Do you need a Secure Shredding Service?
Our Shredding bags are Safe, Secure, Compliant and Affordable.
Shredding Bag

Many businesses hold confidential information. Some have a legal requirement to retain records from anything up to 25 years! What happens when you no longer need that information?

Old company paperwork you no longer need could still have confidential information and must be disposed of correctly. Confidential information is not something that should be left lying around. Or something that can be just thrown in a waste bin.

DataSpace shredding bags are made from thick paper and are designed for easy confidential waste collection and disposal. Once filled they can be sealed securely. Stopping any unlawful access as the entire sack is shredded along with the contents. This guarantees complete protection and confidentiality.

DataSpace supply all clients with a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ in compliance with the law and data regulation and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Information Security Management.

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