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Computer data is the lifeblood for every individual and commercial entity.  Without realising it, we are adding, accessing, manipulating and using information, where data is behind each of these transactions. Data forms your monthly reports to your email reminder.  Find out why protecting data is so important and how DataSpace’s Online Backup systems can ensure you are backed up and protected.



Protect your critical data with DataSpace Online Backup

Protect your critical data with DataSpace Online Backup


Critical data

Living in a digital age, we are aware that organisations critical data can be easily lost, damaged or corrupted.  This causes a multitude of problems for you staff, customers and company as a whole.  Whether it is day-to-day functionality through to accessing confidential information – you need to be sure that this information is backed up and protected.

Data loss statistics
According to the UK department of Trade and Industry, the loss of data can literally kill the company. Data loss has seen:

  • 50% of organisations go out of business immediately
  • 70% of organisations go out of business within 18 months
  • 90% don’t survive more than 2 years

Online data backup

DataSpace Online Backup Services have developed specialist cost effective services that will enable you or your clients to protect critical data.  No need to worry about the cost, maintenance or support of contemporary backup systems such as tape, CD or portable hard drives.

Next generation backup

  • Advanced binary patching
  • 448 bit encryption
  • Robust
  • Operates from a single laptop to global enterprise
  • Works over dial-up and ADSL connections

Easy-to-use backup systems

Our DataSpace Online Backup solutions are easy to use, with the ‘Set & Forget’ technology.  No need to rely on staff members to change tapes or worry about security of your data.

Find out more about DataSpace Online Backup services here.