Document retrieval is quick and easy

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You know how it is, just as soon as you’ve archived documents someone needs to retrieve information.

With a DataSpace system you don’t need to panic as document retrieval is as easy as counting!  DataSpace have a number of document scanning options available to ensure quick recovery no matter how big or small the document.  DataSpace hold all scanned documents within their own certified DataCentre.

There are a number of document formats that can be scanned too from paper to Microfiche and film; retrieval is available online, on portable media or even uploaded directly to your own management system.

If you choose FileLive then you can request an immediate scan of any document held in the system.   This is not only time saving but money saving too; no need to scan all documents but just as and if you need them.

Your newly requested scan can be accessed and viewed as a PDF document or a TIFF image; your scanned images can be held in secure BIP 008 compliant image libraries that only you can access.

Of course this isn’t all that FileLive offers; you can track your data whether it is housed in boxes on or off site.

With permissions in place which you can set, you can also add, delete or edit files and boxes.

In fact FileLive offers you a whole host of easy ways to manage your data.  You can find out more by contacting our UK HQ who will be happy to explain in more detail.