Do you work in the Health Sector?

If you’re working within the Health Sector you will probably be working with a combination of physical archived patient files, Lloyd George notes and documents and newer digital records.  DataSpace can provide you with solutions that will help you manage and digitise your physical archives to help you move toward a paperless/paperlight workplace.

DataSpace are registered with the Department of Health’s NHS IG Toolkit and the ICO who uphold information rights in the public interest.  All of our staff are CRB cleared and our site is completely secure with all buildings having restricted fob access and the site itself being fully enclosed by a paladin fence.  DataSpace are also compliant and accredited to BS5454 the standard for the provision of Professional Document Archiving and BS27001 the standard for Information Security DataSpace MedicalManagement Systems.

Okey dokey, now you know just how secure DataSpace is what are the other benefits to choosing to store your records offsite with DataSpace?

-Save Money

If you’re currently storing your records offsite DataSpace provide the very best accredited storage facilities and offer a no hassle transition to our secure facilities with complete project plan & cost savings!

-Free the space within your working environment

Your practice could provide a wider range of services to patients by utilising the space currently used for holding your archives, which could generate your practice with a higher income.

-Time Saving

Staff can spend their time much more effectively rather than searching through archived patient files or corporate records.

-High Quality Digitisation

DataSpace can scan your records to BS10008 standards which means the digital copy is legally admissible in court which can in turn reduce physical storage costs, as you are then in a position to have the physical copies securely destroyed.

Do you want to SAVE Money?                            Do you need more Time?
Are you Compliant?                     Do you need more Space?

Call DataSpace today on 0800 028 8956 for a quote and to take advantage of the great deals DataSpace have on offer this September.