Digital Pen Technology – natural input for electronic output…

/, Digital Pen Technology/Digital Pen Technology – natural input for electronic output…

Ever just wanted to write something down and it automatically be transferred into electronic format? Well, now you can with the innovative DataSpace Digital Pen Technology.

Why use Digital Pen Technology?

DataSpace Digital Pen Technology is a fast and easy way to capture information electronically. We’ve all been there:  you are out with clients who are completing drafts, signing paperwork or you’ve just figured out the answer – and need to get this information back to head office ASAP.  Normally, this would have to wait until you and the paperwork have physically got back to base.

Digital Pen Technology - natural and quick

Digital Pen Technology - natural and quick

DataSpace Digital Pen Technology is the ideal solution to send this information back without while you are still with the customer.

The DataSpace Digital Pen removes the need to scan original documents and allows your fellow colleagues to access this information in real time, while you are out and about.

How DataSpace Digital Pen Technology Works

DataSpace Digital Pen Technology uses advanced technology which is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

It looks and feels like a normal pen and paper. But – it is cleverly designed so the digital pen has a tiny camera, which reads the dotted patterns on the specially formulated paper (just has lots of almost-invisible dots on).

Once your form is completed – the used checks a simple box and then the data is transferred to a mobile device via Bluetooth. This information can then sent back to head office using a mobile phone.  In the office the user can transfer the information via a USB cradle. Simple.

The electronic copy of the form looks like it is a high-quality scan of the original document.

Who uses Digital Pen Technology?

From small businesses to large blue chip corporations – this time saving device is perfect for those who want to focus on their business and let the paperwork handle itself.

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