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How often do you spring clean your emails?  Do you hoard documents either on your PC or as hard copies?
In a study completed last year and published in the journal Science, by 2007 the world had stored a colossal 295 Exabytes of information and that’s 5 years ago!  Each Exabyte is worth a billion Gigabytes.
To try to visualise this:
  • It’s as big as 1.2 billion hard drives
  • Or if all the information was put into books, they would cover the entire area of China or the USA in 13 layers of books
This does highlight just how easy it is to file things on your PC or MAC and on a good online back up system and that we are excessively bad at destroying documents that are no longer of use.
data destruction services
DataSpace UK would just like to remind you that we have a secure and confidential destruction service to get rid of your unwanted and no longer legally necessary archived data.
In fact this service isn’t just for your data files; we can also securely destroy hard copy documents, CDs and DVDs, audio and VHS tapes, hard drives, x-rays, old products and even staff uniforms.  DataSpace UK pass everything through a cross-cutting shredding system which absolutely ensures the destruction of data, paper, tapes and discs.  Once we have carried out this operation for you, we issue you with a ‘Certificate of Destruction’.
Please contact us if we can help you with your spring cleaning on 0800 028 8956.
N.B. A little reassurance for your excessive hoarding, human DNA can store approximately 300 times more information than we store in all our technological devices in just one body!
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