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It’s a truly digital age.  How many telephone numbers do you commit to memory – your memory that is not your i- or smartphone?  Everything is stored for us in a piece of digital apparatus for easy access.  What happens when the apparatus fails or is lost?  We go into complete panic.

At your place of work this dependence of digital technology is even greater.  You can’t afford to lose data without completely messing up project deadlines and worse.

Online Data Backup

Our old friend ‘Back-up’
The answer of course is ensuring that all of your work data is backed up regularly.  Everyday you add to your data memory bank and so every day that data should be backed up.  DataSpace UK has the answer with Online Data Backup.

Our Online Data Backup ensures that your data is backed up regularly and that you can access it simply.

Size counts
We have three versions of backup software which accommodate different size operations.  Our Backup PC Edition works for individual PCS, MACs or Laptops.  You can download the software from our site and be safe within minutes as your data will be protected.

All your files will be encrypted, transferred and mirrored to one of our secure offsite data centres.  You can restore any of it with just a few mouse clicks.  What could be simpler?

Our Backup Professional Edition is for SMEs and will backup data from a networked system even with multiple servers and remote workers.  This edition also offers you some remote control access via a web-access portal allowing you to backup on a variety of different server platforms.

For larger companies that operate over more than one site and possibly with mainframe servers and networks, use Backup Enterprise Edition.  This edition involves a hardware installation to ensure the restoration of data to multiple sites.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so give us a call to find out more about our Online Data Backup on 0800 028 8956.

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