DataSpace UK partner with Brainloop AG

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Paul Trevor, CEO of DataSpace UK, comments: “I am very proud to partner Brainloop AG. Having successfully traded in the document management industry for 15 years; I have seen large developments in technology within our company; our partnership with Brainloop exemplifies these developments by allowing us to provide a ‘state of the art’ web-based solution into the UK market place.”

Threats to cyber security and data breaches are becoming increasingly common within industry; the demands for highly secure IT solutions are continuing to increase as more and more companies are seeking to eliminate the risk of such threats. Brainloop’s client base consists of large global conglomerates, which highlights both the demand and importance of a secure data-room environment within an organisation.

Having researched other secure collaboration tools within the market place, it quickly became apparent that Brainloop offer a ‘complete package’, the solution is user friendly and very flexible, whilst ensuring that security is paramount. As a result, we saw Brainloop AG as the ideal partner for DataSpace UK.