Your legal responsibilities for personal data!

//Your legal responsibilities for personal data!

Whether you work as a Hotelier, Accountant, General Practitioner or in any other profession that deals with people, then it is more than likely that you are processing some of their personal information.  The term ‘process’ in relation to the Data Protection Act includes anything from reading, storing, amending and destroying data.  But do you know about the Data Protection Responsibilities that come with ‘processing’ personal information?  In the Information Commissioners Office report for 2012-2013 they found that only 10% of businesses were aware of legal limitations of how they could use their customers personal details.

The Data Protection Act 1998 established a framework of rights and duties which are designed to safeguard the public’s personal data and applies to everyone who ‘processes personal data’.  From names, addresses, DOB’s, telephone numbers and payment card details, are you confident that you’re protecting these details for your clients, personnel and for your businesses reputation?  If the personal data you process is misplaced or stored in an insecure manner it could fall into the wrong hands, and could ruin your businesses reputation.

DataSpace have highly secure document management facilities that are accredited to BS5454 and ISO 90001 standards.  We make sure that our facilities are the very best they can be and that’s why our warehouses and site are also registered with the ICO, NHS IG Toolkit and HTA.  Our electronic systems including our online portal FileLive is BS27001 accredited and compliant which is the standard to Information Security as well as our Scanning processes being accredited to BS10008.  These standards provide Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information in a court of law if required.

Could your business survive a Data Breach? Can you afford to lose business or even incur a hefty fine the ICO?  If you’re not confident that your data is being held correctly contact DataSpace today on 0800 028 8956.  We can provide you with a free consultation & a quote for low cost storage ideas!