Destruction of Confidential Information?

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Destruction of Confidential Information?

With GDPR now in play you need to be more aware of the confidential information you hold, be it at home or at work. Having someone else’s information means confidentiality is a matter of great importance. What happens when you no longer need that information?

DataSpace offer confidential destruction services, whether it is electronically stored, or in paper format we can ensure that your files are removed indefinitely.  Once we take your files for confidential destruction we become fully responsible for them, through legal retention right through to final destruction.

What types of information we can destroy?

DataSpace can destroy items such medical files, paperwork and documentation, products and samples, even audio tapes and CD’s.  Confidential information is not something that should be left lying around.

How do I know when it has been destroyed?

If your using a company to destroy your confidential material it is important that you have the guarantee that this has been completed and, in the correct manner. At DataSpace we issue all our clients with a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ in compliance with the law and data regulation and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Information Security Management.

What about electronic data?

We can destroy confidential electronic data either CESG approved overwriting software or ADISA approved disc crusher. At DataSpace we make sure that your computer hard disks or PC memory is completely wiped.

To find out more about our Confidential Destruction Services why not take a look at our website. or Call us on 0800 028 8956