Paperless Meetings with Brainloop

//Paperless Meetings with Brainloop

Make your board meeting processes slicker, faster and paperless with Brainloop for Board Room.

For board secretaries, preparations for board meetings are extremely time-consuming and costly. They need to start by gathering all the information, formatting it, collating, binding, and publishing it to the board members, all located in different places. To top it all off, any changes, and they can be frequent, mean starting the collating and overnighting process all over again.

Secure easy access for board members

Brainloop has developed an iPad application which provides board members with an ease-of-use and intuitive functionality to view important documentation. This application has additional end-user benefits such as document annotation features, keyword searches within current books/previous meeting books and voting rights for questionnaires/topics of discussion.

Secure Boardroom Administration

A hands-on look at the secure, efficient way to manage boardroom administration, including sending documents securely, preparing and editing personalized boardbooks, voting and tasks.

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Brainloop Mobile for the iPad

With Brainloop Mobile, you can view, read and comment your confidential documents from your Brainloop Secure Dataroom using your iPad, as long as the data room has been configured to allow access from mobile devices. You can even access your data room calendar.

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