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Book Scanning is a non-invasive process of converting hard copies, bound books and bound documents into an electronic format, such as PFD, JPG and TIFF. Digitising books can prove difficult and time consuming for those who need digital copies of important, confidential documents. DataSpace UK Ltd offer a book scanning service with a high level security at all times. The technology uses the latest digital capture technology from book2net scanners. The scanners allow the capture of all images to be processed in Colour or Monochrome without changing the integrity of the item by dividing or separating pages.

DataSpace UK Ltd work with many clients that have the requirements for items including wills, deeds and archival material (books / bound documents) that need scanning with a high level of care, accuracy and security.

DataSpace staff are DBS checked and handle all data with the upmost of care. DataSpace UK Ltd would recommend that digital access to the documents can be provided securely online via the FileLive online solution that offers a secure user friendly viewing and download environment.

FileLive offers secure IP specific internet access over a 256 bit encrypted SSL connection. Alternatively all images may be transferred onto a secure portable media device for uploading into a client’s digital environment.

DataSpace Offers

  • Latest technology
  • Alternative digital formats
  • Secure scanning environment
  • FileLive
  • Retain format of original bound documents.
  • Full version history.

Book scanning provides greater insurance against disaster and physical damage to books and documents. You are then able to preserve original, rare and valuable books and use the information on a practical level online. Digital books are easy to replicate, search text and gain access to information.


DataSpace offers bulk scanning services, corporate scanning, a0 scanning, archive scanning, microfiche scanning and microfilm scanning. To find out more about DataSpace UK Ltd.’s scanning services please do not hesitate to contact us today on 0800 028 8956