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Online data backup is essential for any modern business.  With pretty much everything stored electronically, from internal emails to confidential customer information, your company data is the backbone of your business. Ensuring this data is properly backed up will mean your business will continue to run smoothly even if the hard drives at headquarters are having a day off.

DataSpace - back up your business online

Benefits of online data storageThe incredibly rate of technological advancements in the past decade has made it possible to store huge amounts of data on physically small spaces.  At DataSpace, you can store terabytes (TBs) of information in one central, highly secure data server.  This means critical business data is safe from loss, corruption and misuse.

DataSpace provides professional and enterprise online backup solutions, which provide automated backups, control by intelligent software tools.  This is especially useful when your company relies on data being backed up periodically. This eliminates human error in forgetting to back up, therefore making your company data stronger and more reliable.

Backing up data online provides unlimited mobility for data recovery. The advantage of this allows all customers to recover data from any location and at any time.  DataSpace ensures all online data is protected against viruses and attacks cyberspace harbours.  We also make ensure we have the highest protection against natural mishaps.

Features of DataSpace online backup for businesses

  • Suitable for small and large businesses
  • Enables critical data backups over a large networked areas
  • Back up schedule for single to multiple services including PCs, Macs and remote workers
  • Backup different server platforms such as Microsoft, Linux, Novell, IBM, SQL, Generic and more
  • Remote control your data via a web access portal
  • Enterprise edition can possibly be located on an international scale

Learn more about online data backup for businesses by calling DataSpace on 0800 028 8956.