Are your documents SAFE?

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Are your documents SAFE?

Keeping good records isn’t just about being tidy and well organised. Proper storage of important documents will make it easier for you to meet legal obligations, GDPR and manage your cash flow whilst making live less stressful.

DataSpace provide Secure and Compliant Document Storage. You can store your important documents with DataSpace knowing that they are safe and with the added piece of mind that you will have complete compliancy. If your documents are not stored safely you could be breaching the Data Protection Act and be risking your businesses reputation! And your wallet!!

Our premises have been designed and built in line with the recommendations outlined in PD 5454:2012. The site locations have been selected as they are not on a floodplain or flight path and are situated in low crime rated areas. Access to the site is controlled via a secure main gate and access to the warehouse areas is restricted as internal doors can only opened using a key fob. The DataSpace site is fully secure in line with our security protocols.

External and internal CCTV cameras are utilised onsite over a 64 channel CCTV network.  IP 4NVR Cameras are utilised to monitor all areas including; roads, gated entries, car park, loading areas, shredding area, incoming and outgoing hold areas, data centres, offices, building entrances and exits. This system provides a high definition quality and number plate recognition at site entrances and exits.

For further information about DataSpace’s facilities or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements further please do not hesitate to contact us today on 0800 028 8956 or email