Are your documents SAFE?

Are your documents SAFE?

With Winter, traditionally being known as Wet & Cold Season. Are you aware of the damage Water and Frost can do to your documents?

Are your records stored in a flood plan area?

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Keeping good records isn’t just about being tidy and well organised. Proper storage of important documents will make it easier for you to meet your legal obligations, manage your cash flow and reduce stress.

How and where do you store your valuable documents?

  • How secure is your Office/Garage/Home?
  • How secure is the place within your Office/Garage/Home where your storing documents?
  • How secure is your Office/Home computer? Who has access to it, and how is your password security?

Damage to your documents could mean you have trouble tracing orders, filing tax returns and could delay insurance claims. All these problems in themselves are not too troublesome but start combining them and you could potentially lose your business.

DataSpace provide Critical document protection. Why not move your important documents from your Office/Garage/Home and store them with us where they will be safe from flooding and with the added piece of mind that we can store them compliantly. If your documents are not stored safely you could be breaching the Data Protection Act and be risking your businesses reputation!

DataSpace UK Ltd headquarters are based in the North West of England ideally located for transport links and major motorways.

Our premises have been designed and built in line with the recommendations outlined in PD 5454:2012. The site locations have been selected as they are not on a floodplain or flight path and are situated in low crime rated areas. Access to the site is controlled via a secure main gate and access to the warehouse areas is restricted as internal doors can only opened using a key fob. The DataSpace site is fully secure in line with our security protocols.

DataSpace’s document and file storage covers business file storage, medical file storage, medical records storage, electronic file storage, office document storage, paper file storage, paperwork storage, NHS records storage and safe file storage, Phew! Compliant and accredited!

For further information about DataSpace’s facilities or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements further please do not hesitate to contact us today on 0800 028 8956 or email